About Kairos

Our Philosophy

Commitment to Learning and Meaningful Life Outcomes
• Kairos Community College is committed to achieving high quality formal and informal learning and educational outcomes with people who have complex learning and social support needs, because we believe this will increase their future opportunities and well being
Engaging community
• We are committed to engaging with the diversity of the wider community (general community, families, relationships, resources, organisations, institutions, ideas, values, traditions and commitments) that nurture care, learning and growth.
• Kairos is a word with layered meanings, just like our philosophy of practice is made up of many layers that together bring about a holistic approach to education. Kairos is about recognising and seizing an opportune time to take action with passion and conviction. We believe that our college provides that opportunity for students to realise their passions and forge new paths to create a meaningful future.

Commitment to Connection and Strengths Based Work
• We are committed to understandings and practices that connect people ideas and resources in creative ways
• We believe profoundly in the strengths and goodness of each of us and in the capacity each of us has to be positive agent of change in our lives and the wider school community.

Our beliefs about Community
• We believe that schools can be a site of community, and that communities can be sites of learning so our College has not only emerged from the community, it will also enact community(within itself), and foster community (beyond itself).

Who is our Community?
• Our college community members are all those who come to learn and to teach, and everyone who supports teaching and learning, including staff, students, families, partners, peers, colleagues, neighbours, friends, directors, managers, local community organisations, business and other schools.

Our values and Principles
• Our College values are founded on the principles of Respect, Participation, Honesty, and Safety based on the reach history of and the traditional principles of social justice being access, equity, equality and participation.
• Ultimately, the success of our culture at Kairos Community College depends on mutual respect. We are committed to building and maintaining a culture where everyone is respected. Everyone’s differences and unique perspectives, skills and abilities should be valued regardless of age, gender, race, beliefs, culture, and sexual identity. Everyone should be valued for who they are, and the skills they can bring to the college. KCC seeks to celebrate the greatness and equal value of everyone involved. We aim to be accepting of each other, regardless of whether we believe that particular behaviours are good or bad. We seek to use a win/win attitude to turn every situation into a learning experience. We aim to ensure that students, staff and directors all have input, in a way that they find comfortable, into College decisions, development and change. At KCC, everyone should feel listened to. Everyone should be encouraged to speak freely, think outside the square and exercise their creativity.

Commitment to Indigenous Members of Our Community.
• Our College is committed to valuing, respecting and working alongside Indigenous members of our community. We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the First Peoples of Australia, and recognise the profound effects of white colonisation on our local Murri community. We are committed to contributing to healing within the local community and more widely. Power cannot be shared without information sharing, therefore we will continue to build relationships with local Murri people and learn from them. We believe we have a particular responsibility to try to ensure that the rights of Indigenous students are met.

Multiculturalism in our Community
• Our College recognises the variety of cultural groups and values the richness that they bring to our community. We actively promote, support and respect multiculturalism, in its widest sense. For our community to function effectively, differences must be understood, acknowledged and embraced. When undertaking any work affecting a particular cultural group, we are obliged to negotiate closely with its members. We are committed to exploring how we can best support each cultural group in the community. We seek to contribute to healing processes between all cultural groups in the College community.
Decision Making in Our Community
• Everyone has the right to be part of any decisions which impact on their life. Decision making and change processes should enable everyone affected to have their views heard and validated. It is essential that everyone’s legitimate place in our College community is recognised. Individual growth and community development are strongly interdependent. Therefore we will support individual and social development and learning through encouraging participation of the community.


Enacting our values
• We believe it is important that Kairos Community College practices what it preaches – that all staff and management live out our organisational values and principles on a daily basis and these values are woven through the way we teach and interact with students. We aspire to being part of college with heart, which enhances the life of every person involved. We seek to create an environment where everyone involved feels a sense of belonging, comfort and safety. The college should provide everyone involved with opportunities to learn and grow. We are committed to modelling the behaviour we advocate to students at every level within the college.
• KCC aspires to a culture which generates trust, honesty and mutual respect. We seek to value the way we work as much as what we achieve. We want students and everyone else associated with the College to feel supported and encouraged to freely express their ideas. Above all, we want all participants to feel passionate, energised and able to enjoy their learning.
• Trust is essential to building and maintaining a safe environment in which everyone can learn and grow. We are committed to building trust in both our own abilities and the abilities of others within KCC. We recognise that we are all learning. We will learn more effectively, if we each commit to being open to our differences. If we understand each other, we can develop the empathy which is essential to genuine valuing of everyone at KCC.
• Honesty is fundamental to addressing the inevitable power differences which exist between individuals at KCC. We seek a culture where everyone is straight and upfront with each other. We acknowledge that we each have different levels of power in terms of our knowledge, reputation, connections, influence, gender, race/culture, age, title/position and willingness to express and pursue our ideas. We seek to address these power differences through enacting an enquiring approach, where we acknowledge the validity of each person’s story, appreciate each other’s perspectives, understand each other’s truths and find our common ground. This will allow us to move from seeing ourselves as isolated individuals to seeing ourselves as part of an interconnected community.
Commitment to Learning for People with Complex Needs
• We are committed to education and learning with and for people who have complex social and learning support needs which make it difficult for them to engage in mainstream schools.

Affirming the Melbourne Declaration
• We affirm the Melbourne Declaration on educational Goals for Young Australian which remind us that;
“ As a nation Australia values the central role of education in building a democratic, equitable and just society – a society that is prosperous, cohesive and culturally diverse and that values Australia Indigenous culture as a key part of the nation’s history, present and future”
• To this end, as a College, we will enact the core goals of the declaration to
“…promote equity and excellence in education and support young people to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens”

Valuing a Culture of Learning
• As a learning community our College values creating a culture of learning. This is through all aspects of the College activities and at all levels.
• We value the unique gifts, history, experiences and learning styles of all participants in a holistic learning environment
• We are committed to meeting the social, emotional, cognitive, cultural and educational needs of all College community members in an atmosphere that is safe, approachable, creative and supportive
• We are committed to working closely with all stakeholders to minimise or manage barriers to learning that our student’s face.

Our Integrity
We remember that others rely on us for the integrity of important information such as feedback, assessments, references, reports, and certificates that indicate clear benchmarks for what individuals learners achieved.
Taking care of Resources
• We are committed to seeking, accessing and managing resources of people, ideas, property and funds; curating these into policies, procedures, curricula, pedagogies, facilities, equipment, skills and processes that support all our beliefs and purposes, and we will exercise careful, just and sustainable stewardship of all this.
Working with others and each other
• We are committed to building partnerships, accepting advice, engaging in meaningful dialogue and developing networks needed, to shape and enact our shared beliefs, and to achieve our shared purpose.
Governance management and administration
• We are committed to effective and efficient governance, administration and management; believing that the exercise of these functions is essential to every element of the success of the College’s life and achievements, and that the Directors, Managers and Administrators are equal participants in the community and learning life of the College.