KCC provides opportunity for students to forge new paths to create a meaningful future.

Commitment to Learning and Meaningful Life Outcomes

KCC is committed to achieving high quality formal and informal learning and educational outcomes with people who have complex learning and social support needs

Engaging community

We are committed to engaging with the diversity of the wider community (general community, families, relationships, resources, organisations, institutions, ideas, values, traditions and commitments) that nurture care, learning and growth.


Kairos started in 2015 with just 26 students. Now at 60 students Kairos caters for those students who have become disengaged or disenfranchised with mainstream schooling. Kairos Community College caters for students in Years 10,11 and 12. It provides a flexible approach to education that is highly supportive, structured and provides its students with the genuine opportunity to achieve academically.

Multiculturalism in our Community

Our College recognises the variety of cultural groups and values the richness that they bring to our community. We actively promote, support and respect multiculturalism, in its widest sense. For our community to function effectively, differences must be understood, acknowledged and embraced. When undertaking any work affecting a particular cultural group, we are obliged to negotiate closely with its members. We are committed to exploring how we can best support each cultural group in the community.

Our Belief on Community

Our beliefs about Community • We believe that schools can be a site of community, and that communities can be…

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Our Integrity

We remember that others rely on us for the integrity of important information such as feedback, assessments, references, reports, and…

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Our Values & Principles

Our College values are founded on the principles of Respect, Participation, Honesty, and Safety based on the reach history of…

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