Kairos Community College is an independent, non-government school for young people undertaking Years 10 – 12 who need a flexible and supportive approach to achieve their education and training aspirations.

Our college is located in Deception Bay, and although Kairos is an independent entity, it has emerged through the work of Deception Bay Community Youth Programs (DBCYP), that has provided programs and services to young people in Deception Bay since 1994. This successful tradition of work with young people has enabled DBCYP to ‘birth’ Kairos and provide a strong foundation of values and commitment that forms the heart of the Kairos vision. In 2013 Community Youth Education Options Ltd was established as the legal entity to oversee and manage Kairos Community College.

Kairos is a word that means ‘recognising and seizing the opportune time to take action with passion and conviction’. We believe it captures the essence of what our college seeks to achieve and underpins our philosophy of practice. We seek to provide a holistic approach to education. We believe that our college provides that opportunity for students to realise their passions and forge new paths to create a meaningful future.



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