Across Kairos Community College’s two campuses, we have an enthusiastic team of educators to cater for the diverse needs of the students. Staff support students both academically and with their wellbeing. All staff have a real passion for the youth of today and support them with their journey.

Tony Andrews


Tony has taught in a variety of settings from mainstream to China to SAS schools like Kairos. He is very passionate about what we do at Kairos and believes that every student deserves an education when they are ready. He values not just giving students an academic education but teaching them to be contributing valued members of the community. 

He is also a keen sportsman in any sport but actively enjoys AFL and cricket. He shares his passions on a daily basis and loves to have fun. He believes ‘our tribe is the future’.

Luke O’Sullivan

Head of Campus

Luke has spent the first 14 years of his teaching career in Education Queensland schools between the Sunshine Coast and Weipa, on Cape York.  His roles have been split between sports coordinator, year level coordinator, community leader and pedagogy coach prior to arriving as Head of Campus at Kairos.  He has always enjoyed working with students who are faced with significant challenges and coaching colleagues on how to best support the learning of these students.

He is a highly active father of three and actively engages in triathlons and various other medium distance events.  He is very energetic in his field, helping to motivate teachers to continue to improve.

David Dyer

Lead Teacher

Josh Denniss


Josh is an avid traveller who has spent two years in Canada and England respectively. Whilst over there, Josh was presented the opportunity to teach which was a fabulous experience. Josh is very new to Kairos but is really enjoying the new journey he is currently on. The collaborative approach and tight community are a new, but really valued concept that fits his values strongly.

Josh loves sport and spends most of his time playing or going to games. With this, Josh naturally loves the outdoors, which is something he truly values at Kairos. Having the opportunity to take students outside and around the Community for valuable learning experiences is very invigorating.  

Owen Lee


Owen is our Ethics, Arts-in-Practice and Cert II in Volunteering teacher. Within 2014 he completed his Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary), focusing his Teaching Methods in Dramatic Performing Arts and Media Communications with La Trobe University in Melbourne. He also possesses a Bachelor of Arts completed with the Australian Catholic University, and a Certificate IV in Entertainment completed at Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE.

Owen has spent time successfully gaining awareness of dramatic arts by touring nationally as a puppeteer with the Australian Puppet Theatre and throughout his past 15 years’ experience on Australian television (including appearing regularly on Grundy Television’s Neighbours, Southern Star’s Blue Heelers, and having written and hosted the prime-time talk show, Pluck TV, broadcast by C31 Melbourne). Previous to joining Kairos, Owen was employed by the Darebin Council Youth Theatre Company Platform; which is committed to diversity with participants including marginalised young people; recent migrants, young people with disabilities and disenfranchised youth. 

Owen believes theatre games are an inordinately powerful tool for students to build self-expression and determination skills, facilitating students around a shared goal and shared ideas that allow young people collective ownership of their creations. 

Jake Mangano


Jake is one of our newest recruits to Kairos, completing his Bachelor of Education (Secondary) in 2022 specialising in Science and English. Jake values the Kairos ethos and aligns them with his own teaching practices. He is eager to begin his teaching career here at Kairos and ready to show his passion for teaching.

Jake is a lover of all things pop-culture, and you will frequently hear him making references to movies, tv shows, comic books and video games. Additionally, he loves to laugh and have fun no matter what he is teaching or doing.

Belinda Murray


Belinda is our Literacy, Business and Social and Community Studies teacher. Completing her Bachelor of Secondary Physical Education and Health degree from the University of Newcastle in 2011 and a Postgraduate Certificate in Ethics and Education at the Australian Catholic University in 2018, she has spent the last ten years teaching at various schools around the country.

For the past six years, she has been in a full-time secondary teaching position on the Sunshine Coast, teaching a variety of subject areas including Senior Health Education and Physical Education, Mathematics and Religion. Teaching at Kairos truly aligns with her core values, that education should teach young people holistically- not only on an academic level but on an emotional, spiritual and physical level.

Prior to her current position, she also spent 7 years in the personal training industry, instilling in children and adults alike the importance of lifelong learning and the significance of health and well-being. Her love of sport and health emanates in her everyday life. Her passion for sport and physical fitness is entrenched in her life and her favourite time of the day at Kairos is participating in the morning activity with the young people here at Kairos.

Amanda Pickard

Youth Worker 

Amanda started off her journey studying a Bachelor of Arts, specialling in Criminology (Psychology and Sociology) and Sports Studies.  After working in police investigations and then moving into community work with minority groups, Amanda developed a passion for crime prevention and youth work.  After 6 years in the field, Amanda started her next pathway into youth work in 2012, as well as further studies in counselling, psychology, hypnotherapy and alternative therapy modules.  During this time, Amanda worked in a residential care setting, at another independent school and at a school boarding house.  Amanda is currently undertaking further studies in counselling and youth work and is passionate about the overall wellbeing, safety and happiness of all young people.  

Quinn Witika

Youth Worker

Quinn is a grateful partner to Tatum, and a proud father of Tai and Leilani. Quinn credits his family as the greatest source of happiness and driver of inspiration in his life. Originally from Sydney, N.S.W, he studied in the field of Sport and Recreation Management before undertaking roles in Sports Development which primarily encouraged sport as a vehicle for overall wellbeing and ultimately redirected his professional life toward Youth Work. 

Quinn has since worked in several Community Service roles over a period of 8 years, shaping a belief that young people need to feel attached to their society to see value in contributing to it, and an approach that empowers young people to take ownership for the direction of their own lives. Since joining the team in January 2021, Quinn is inspired by Kairos’ holistic approach and the opportunity to incorporate wellbeing as a part of each educational journey. 

Kristy Anderson

Teacher Aide

Kristy has worked in various Primary and Secondary education settings from Mainstream and Special Education Units for 9 years and is now loving working in a SAS school with a tribal philosophy here at Kairos.

Kristy is extremely passionate about helping young people reach their full potential in and out of the classroom. She believes that Kairos is the place to deliver inclusive yet diverse education while meeting young people’s differentiation needs so that they too can succeed and become valued members of their community. Outside of mentoring young people on essential life skills such as cooking and budgeting. Kristy also enjoys cooking, being active, and coaching a young netball team, hiking and enjoying time with family and friends. Great coffee and amazing food are hobbies also.

Sarah Christie

Teacher Aide

Sarah is currently studying towards her Bachelor of (Secondary) Education/Bachelor of Science. Sarah has previously worked in a mainstream school setting as a Teacher Aide. She is extremely passionate about student education and creating safe environments for young people.

Sarah is a fun-loving and outgoing person which makes her easily approachable to students. Kairos reflects Sarah’s beliefs about learning and how every student’s needs are met in different learning styles. Outside of school Sarah enjoys spending lots of quality time with family and friends, being active, and just enjoying life itself.

David Ridden

Teacher Aide

David began his career in education at Special Schools and has had extensive training in disability support and learning. He also has studied mindfulness and meditation. David carries strong beliefs in social justice, fairness for all, living ethically and being morally sincere. 

His passions lie in building meaningful positive relationships with students, guiding them to find confidence within when facing challenges and helping them to be the best versions of themselves. Dave is a proud member of the Kairos Community College family and believes in the tribe culture at Kairos.

Matt Slee

Teacher Aide

Matt has a background in sports and loves anything outdoors. Matt was very fortunate to receive a sporting scholarship at Southern Cross University alongside competing and training across Europe and Asia. Alongside his sporting career, he started studying Exercise science, to which he then changed to primary education after working at a small school near Byron Bay.

Matt is right where he wants to be at Kairos Community College, he values the Kairos way and is looking forward to continuing to connect with the young people and play a role in shaping their future.

Katy Roach

Administration Officer 

With over eight years of experience in education administration in independent schools and higher education, Katy is enjoying the challenge of working in a much smaller school environment at Kairos. She is a born and bred Sunshine Coastie, and when not at work, is generally at the beach with friends and her much-loved dog.

Although not in a classroom role, Katy is passionate about all Kairos staff contributing to our young people’s time at school, and loves the opportunity to step away from her desk, cultivate relationships, and connect with Kairos students and families.

Darren Freeman

Diverse Learning and Pathways Co-ordinator

Darren is the Diverse Learning and Pathways Coordinator. Working across both campuses, he is responsible to VET Coordination, disability learning support (EAP production and NCCD), Curriculum coordination, QCE tracking and teaching Transitions. He has a Bachelor of Education with First Class Honours, Diploma of Ministries and Theology and experience managing a multi-million-dollar business and Law firm. Since relocating from Victoria in 2015, Darren has been teaching in Catholic Education, the past 4 years, teaching in a Flex program.

Darren’s passion is to provide a flexible and supportive environment and providing support to assist young people successfully graduate with their senior education QCE while gaining external qualifications; this could be Certificate qualifications, school-based apprenticeships, traineeships, TAFE or Trade Training. Darren is passionate about developing young people holistically, helping them to be the best that they can be.

Danielle Twomey

Business Manager

Originally from a corporate background, Danielle has over 15 years’ experience in the education sector across both Catholic and independent schools in roles encompassing business services, facilities management, finance, governance, compliance and human resources.  As Business Manager, she is excited to be able to contribute to building the operational and strategic capability of Kairos.

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