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Our Values & Principles

Our College values are founded on the principles of Respect, Participation, Honesty, and Safety based on the reach history of and the traditional principles of social justice being access, equity, equality and participation.

Ultimately, the success of our culture at Kairos Community College depends on mutual respect. We are committed to building and maintaining a culture where everyone is respected. Everyone’s differences and unique perspectives, skills and abilities should be valued regardless of age, gender, race, beliefs, culture, and sexual identity. Everyone should be valued for who they are, and the skills they can bring to the college. KCC seeks to celebrate the greatness and equal value of everyone involved. We aim to be accepting of each other, regardless of whether we believe that particular behaviours are good or bad. We seek to use a win/win attitude to turn every situation into a learning experience. We aim to ensure that students, staff and directors all have input, in a way that they find comfortable, into College decisions, development and change. At KCC, everyone should feel listened to. Everyone should be encouraged to speak freely, think outside the square and exercise their creativity.