Academic Outcomes

A key to Kairos Community College’s success is a shared purpose. When students choose to enrol at Kairos they understand that they are there to learn and to achieve their QCE. So no matter what a students background, past, learning gaps and needs are, all students have one thing in common, a desire to learn. This provides us with purpose and accountability. Kairos is not aiming to be so diverse that it doesn’t actually excel at anything, instead choosing to have laser-like focus on helping young people achieve their educational goals.

Whilst at Kairos, students engage in 5 subjects from QCAA to help them achieve their QCE. These subjects are Essential Math, Essential English, Social and Community Studies, Ethics and then students choose an elective of either Arts in Practice or Sports and Recreation.. If a student passes all these subjects, they will obtain their QCE. This is our core focus. The QCE is an internationally recognised certificate.

Students also have the opportunity to complete VET certificates externally or engage in the Head Start Program at the University of Sunshine Coast. These are extra subjects students can do to individualise their learning at Kairos.

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