Our Social Brain Education Model, called ‘RIPPLE’ is a three-layered approach to learning. Like any ripple effect, it radiates out to have the greatest impact on the learning and lives of the students we educate. It comprises of;
1. Wellbeing of Mind: Sitting at the centre, this component represents a state of mind created by providing a safe environment. While we start here, wellbeing is not all we do at Kairos. It’s merely what we know needs to be the starting point so that we can flow into…
2. Social Relationships and Community: the tribal environment that enhances learning. The outcome of both of these being;
3. Academic Outcomes: a set desire by our school to ensure that all students obtain their QCE. This approach is based on research and theories by leading neuroscientists, plus the practiced wisdom from working in a number of mainstream and alternative education settings. 

Wellbeing of the mind at the centre, which is created by providing a safe environment.

For student learning to occur, a safe learning environment must be established. For a safe environment to be achieved the whole student needs to be catered for with wrap-around support. Our students come to us with a diverse range of needs that require a diverse range of skills from staff. Staff support students to work towards getting all the pieces in their life to a manageable state that will allow them to be ready to learn at Kairos. This process can take considerable time.

Once achieved and students feel like they have some control in their life students can start to contribute to the tribe. To maintain a safe environment a clear set of boundaries are put in place around the college’s 5 principles of Safety, Legal, Honesty, Respect and Participation. For a safe learning environment to be established, all tribe members need to adhere to these principles. The tribe becomes a learning community, not a classroom of individual learners.


Once that is created and felt there is a positive flow on-effect on relationships

Building safe and respectful relationships is a key aspect to Kairos ensuring we achieve our goal for all students. Significant time is spent both on-campus and off-campus to build these relationships. Each student is assigned to a youth worker to help them with their needs but also to build a strong relationship with a mentor. They are there to help them with any issues they have and work alongside them to achieve their goals.

Small class groups are also established to allow consistent and close relationships to form with teaching staff as well.


Subsequent QCE outcomes

If our tribe is able to establish a safe learning environment with respectful and meaningful relations ships students will be able to achieve Kairos’ goal for its students. At Kairos we aim to get students their QCE. In 2016 94.3% of Queensland year 12 students received their QCE. Of the over 56000 students graduation, over 49000 achieved their QCE.

Kairos’ aim is to ensure our students leave their schooling on a level playing field as their peers. That they have the opportunity to gain their education in a safe and supportive learning environment. Students who enrol at Kairos are committed to obtaining their QCE on enrolment and have this as a personal goal.

Whilst at Kairos, students engage in the Fusion Curriculum Framework. This framework aims to build the whole student through the embedding of social and emotional learning whilst they achieve their academic outcomes. This is done by having term themes across all subjects. These themes are community development, respectful relationships, personal health and wellbeing, employment readiness and career development and cultural awareness.

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