We believe that people instinctively learn and grow best as part of a community that loves and values each member, sees leadership as a point of service to others and challenges and supports each of us to achieve our goals and dreams. Neuroscience backs this up as our brains are hardwired to respond to social interactions; through social interactions we increase neural plasticity and, therefore, our potential for learning. “…not all encounters with the world affect the mind equally. Studies have demonstrated that if the brain appraises an event as “meaningful,” it will be more likely to be recalled in the future” (Dan Siegel).

Our tribal learning community includes all those who come to learn, to teach, as well as everyone who supports us including families, colleagues, neighbours, friends, local business and other education institutions. Parker Palmer reminds us that “Learning is at least as much a journey of the heart and soul enacted in community, as it is an individual journey of the mind”.

We are committed to making our community inclusive, strong and confident. In our community, KCC believes every person has an equally valued and respected role. We aim to be a place of safety that welcomes the participation of all people regardless of age, gender, race, beliefs, culture, sexual identity or differing ability. We believe the fostering of emotional safety is an extremely important aspect to creating an optimum environment to encourage learning and building a strong community.

Our community is built from mutual relationships between people, staying present in the moment, meaningful interactions, shared values and commitments, and a desire to achieve something together that we all care about. “The degree to which we are fully present in relationship with each other defines the degree to which we can achieve the outcomes we seek together”. (Martin Buber) It takes time, understanding, discipline, organisation, patience, leadership, inspiration, resources, courage, faith, skill and dedication to achieve this model.

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